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Avendoo Academy

In the Academy, you can experience our educational offer around Avendoo and online education. From Avendoo Basics to designing online learning experiences to further education programmes for online coaches.

Practical use

With our blended learning formats, we support you with your training courses in the long term. This way, you can apply what you have learned in practice.


During the courses and through a strong community, you have the opportunity to meet participants from a wide range of industries and network with them.

Experience knowledge

Academy training courses are designed as experiences. You will experience a mixture of different didactic methods in an exciting visual setting.

Current courses in the Avendoo Academy

Avendoo Fitness

Nur wer regelmäßig trainiert und Avendoo anwendet, kann sich als Autor weiterentwickeln.

Avendoo to go

Der Wissens-Booster für Ihre Lernwelt mit digitalen Lerneinheiten rund um Avendoo.

The Avendoo Basics Training

Discover the Avendoo Learning World through our basic training.

Event management basics

Online workshop on event management in Avendoo

Event management masterclass

Online workshop on event management in Avendoo

Avendoo Move POWER week

Learn to create exciting learning content with ease.

Avendoo Creative Space

Schluss mit den Märchen

Planning online learning experiences

Learn more about rough concepts and e-learning scripts

Next Level Online-Meetings

Digitale Meeting-Formate gestalten und durchführen

Certified online coach 24-hour intensive course

Think digital; become an online coach and get certified by the FHM.