Content is the screw that holds everything together

Avendoo Move

Content functions with our authoring tool

Move is part of the Avendoo authoring interface — you get a fully fledged authoring tool without the need for any additional external software. With user-friendly buttons and drag & drop, you can create exciting content and you don’t have to be a programmer to do it. No matter whether it’s for a smartphone, tablet or computer — thanks to responsive design you always have a full overview.

Easily build customised learning content via drag & drop

Responsive design for your mobile devices

Always the optimal layout

Always looks good even on mobile devices: Avendoo Move optimally and automatically adapts the display and operation to the device used in every situation. The dynamic scaling of the buttons ensures the best overview on your screen.

This gives you the ideal design on tablet and smartphone, and means you always have your Learning World under control, even when you’re on the move. This also applies to your users, who will be enthusiastic about your learning content.

Your personal authoring tool without any additional software

Move is an integral part of Avendoo and is directly integrated into your interface. This way you can quickly familiarise yourself with the tool and there is no need to install additional software. This results in tangible advantages for you:

Where previously expensive licences for authoring tools had to be purchased, Move now comes into play. And those who already use Avendoo benefit directly from the advantages: Because you will then receive the Starter Edition with the most important basic functions for your Learning World free of charge. This helps to create e-learning content that moves.

Completely customised pages

Build your page from different building blocks

With intuitive drag-and-drop operation and an accessible structure of element blocks, putting together customised learning content is child’s play.

From simple text blocks to image editing and animated elements, all options are open to you here and you can see straight away how your content will look in the end.

In this way, you can combine Move’s many functions in no time at all to create content that will inspire your learners.

Avendoo Move in different packages

Included in Avendoo


As an Avendoo customer, the Starter Edition provides you with the most important basic functions of Move for your Learning World free of charge and allows you to get started straight away. This includes text and image editing, media and helpful interactions. 


Can be adopted separately

Interaction package

With the interactive moves from this package, you can make your page layout even more variable and interactive for learners. This gives you, as authors, even more opportunities to create exciting and engaging learning content.


Coming soon


Let your learners interact with the learning content in a playful way to increase motivation and learning success. Move will support Avendoo’s existing gamification features with this package.


Creating experiences through e-learning

A new approach to content creation

When training sessions are scheduled and participants have to fight their way through text sinkholes, it doesn’t help anyone. Do away with the less than effective PowerPoint and Word sinkholes. Make your content appealing.

More about content

Gamification and storytelling

Your topics integrated in a playful way

Gamification and storytelling — buzzwords that have been hotly debated within the e-learning industry in recent years. But what exactly does this mean and how can you use playful learning effectively in your company? For this purpose, we would like to give you an insight into the world of points, badges and rankings in Avendoo.


Experience your knowledge first-hand: Slip into the role of a personal avatar and go on an adventure.

Level up

On to the next level! Collect points and items to unlock new levels and prove your knowledge.


Beat the high score! Anyone can enrol in a course. But who can also reach the top of the ranking list in terms of knowledge acquired?