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Learning Management System

Intuitive user and course management

Avendoo is a Learning Management System (LMS) that enables learning content to be delivered and learning to be organised. This includes organisation of all learning opportunities and learners as well as the corresponding assignment of roles and rights. The authors take on the role of teachers by producing and providing the learning content.


With Avendoo, you don’t get just any old platform, but your very own Learning World.

Whether it’s a learning path, training plan or knowledge test, our Learning World fits seamlessly into your company’s corporate design. Thanks to flexible interfaces and a wide range of languages, you can use our system to serve all your target groups in an experience-oriented way.


ZU sehen ist das integrierte eLearning Autorentool "Move" von Avendoo.

Create your own impressive learning experiences for your users. With our Move authoring tool, you can create exciting learning content simply by dragging and dropping.

With IMS LTI 1.3, you can seamlessly complement your training portfolio with additional content providers, thus creating a holistic Learning World for your company.


Years of practical experience in the field of online education and training make the Avendoo platform the first choice for many companies.

Manage learners, groups and permissions. Access comprehensive evaluations, certificate management, gamification and your central education inventory at any time.

Learning Content Management System

LMS and LCMS — a unique combination

In your Avendoo Learning World, you always have direct, fast access to your learning content and media: with the Learning Content Management System. There is no need to change software, because with just a few clicks, you have all your content under control. This way you can put together your desired course even faster, avoid redundancies and get your users to their destination. Multilingualism, SCORM import, AICC and HTML5 video integration also provide the necessary flexibility. Don’t be dictated to; design your learning experiences as you please.

Reasons for onboarding the LCMS from Avendoo now

Learning experiences with no barriers

No multiple uploads or tedious searching for your content. With Avendoo, you always know where to find your learning content and data, and can incorporate this in just a few clicks.

Create trainings easily

High usability and beginner-friendly operation: With Avendoo's LCMS, you can quickly and easily create training plans and learning paths for your employees.

Save storage space and effort

With Avendoo's central database, you manage and update content centrally and avoid redundancies. This saves time and storage space and helps to avoid frustration.

Extensive imports

The Avendoo Learning World LCMS supports a wide range of tools and file formats. For example, you can easily incorporate your content in SCORM or AICC format into your courses.

Event Management

Plan your trainings & events — also on site

Do you want to hold workshops or seminars in addition to your digital courses and e-learnings? Avendoo supports you with this! With your Learning World, you manage participants, locations, equipment and appointments as well as coordinating the respective tasks quickly and clearly. This makes your training courses a complete success, both on-site and in virtual classrooms.

Appointment management

Resource management

Participant management

Location and hotel management

Double the success with blended learning

Supplement your online teaching with face-to-face events
Online teaching is modern and convenient for learners. Every now and then, however, it is important to get your staff away from the monitor. With a suitable face-to-face event, you bring together ideas and content and stimulate creative exchange within the company. With Avendoo, we provide you with the tools to successfully manage on-site events alongside your online learning services. With our reporting and review system, you always have an overview.

Always have an overview with Avendoo

Manage your participants, rooms and resources in the LMS
Do you need several rooms for your event or have you booked a hotel for your participants because your workshop runs for several days? Do you want to enrol your participants manually or enable self-enrolment? If so, you can keep track of everything with Avendoo’s event management: In your Learning World, participants, rooms, materials and even hotel contingents can be centrally planned and managed. And your employees know straight away at which time and in which place you are providing the knowledge experience.

Zu sehen ist eine Workflows-Grafik, die die Abläufe in Avendoo zeigt.

Efficient tasks and workflows

Running a smooth event requires competent staff, speakers and moderators. Avendoo offers a comprehensive task system in order to be able to plan the deployment of your staff in a structured manner. Using this, you create tasks and workflows for your events and assign them quickly and clearly to those responsible. Thanks to comprehensive graphics, diagrams and reports in Avendoo, you always have an overview of your deployed personnel.

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Avendoo Academy

Find out about online learning

In the Academy, you can experience our educational offer around Avendoo and online education. From Avendoo Basics to designing online learning experiences to further education programmes for online coaches.

Current courses in the Avendoo Academy

Avendoo Fitness Plus

Persönliches Abo für regelmäßiges Avendoo Training

Avendoo Fitness

Nur wer regelmäßig trainiert und Avendoo anwendet, kann sich als Autor weiterentwickeln.

Avendoo to go

Der Wissens-Booster für Ihre Lernwelt mit digitalen Lerneinheiten rund um Avendoo.

The Avendoo Basics Training

Discover the Avendoo Learning World through our basic training.

Event management basics

Online workshop on event management in Avendoo

Event management masterclass

Online workshop on event management in Avendoo

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