Course title

Avendoo Move POWER week

Target group

E-learning authors
media designers


5 – 10 people


695,00 EUR

Participation fee p.p., plus VAT

Learn to create exciting learning content with ease.

Avendoo Move POWER week

Do you want to quickly and easily create content for your Learning World that turns topics into an experience? This is possible with Avendoo Move! Let us show you how to create professional content using the authoring tool.

In our Move POWER week, we focus on the topic of “participant engagement” and answer the question of how you can create engaging and motivating learning content with Move. You will gain basic knowledge in the areas of design and didactics as well as the necessary tools to implement your course in Avendoo Move. In parallel, you will work on your own course and receive feedback from trainers and other participants.

Learning objectives

You know the basic structure and operation of Move.
You know how to use different moves to encourage learners to interact.
You know how to increase learning success with varied content.
You can build different use cases with Move.
You can build structured, visually appealing content by following design rules.

Course procedure

Move online kick-off (1 hour)

Getting to know each other and starting the POWER week together

Self-learning phase (approx. 2 h)

Learning nuggets on design, didactics, user experience and Move

Move online training (3 hrs.)

Discussion of the self-learning tasks, inspiration and practical work in Move

Self-learning phase (approx. 3 h)

Independent implementation of a content project with Move

Move online training and conclusion (3 hrs.)

Exchange and feedback on the completed courses, deepening and practical exercises


bis 07.04.2022



The three dates take place online using web meeting software (e.g. Microsoft Teams or Teamviewer) or a virtual classroom (e.g. Vitero).


Participation in Avendoo Basics training

Technical requirements

  • Internet-capable terminal (desktop, laptop, etc.) with webcam and headset or loudspeaker (VoIP)


Avendoo Move POWER week

Current course dates
bis 07.04.2022
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