Course title

Planning online learning experiences

Target group

Avendoo authors
e-learning planners and concept developers


3 – 6 Personen


795,00 EUR

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Learn more about rough concepts and e-learning scripts

Planning online learning experiences

How do I go about designing online learning opportunities? How do I reach my learners? How do I design online learning experiences that are fun?

The basis for successful learning experiences is sound media-didactics and concept planning.

In this online workshop series, you will learn the procedure and tools for designing online learning opportunities. Through a mix of lecture stimulus and practice-oriented learning tasks, you first develop your own rough concept and finally hold your e-learning script in your hands. You will be supported by experienced e-learning authors.

Learning objectives

You know different learning scenarios.
You understand the procedure for designing e-learning.
You know the basics of media didactics.
You have understood the relevance of the rough concept and the script.
You can name the components of the rough concept and the script.
You have developed your first rough concept and script for a topic of your organisation.

Course procedure

Online workshop (3 hrs.)

  • Start
  • Introduction to rough concepts

Self-learning phase (approx. 4 h)

  • Rough concept task

Online workshop (3 hrs.)

  • Presentation of rough concepts
  • Questions and feedback
  • Introduction to scripts

Self-learning phase (approx. 4 h)

Script task

Online workshop (3 hrs.)

  • Script presentation
  • Questions and feedback




The three dates take place online using web meeting software (e.g. Teamviewer) or a virtual classroom (e.g. Vitero).


Basic computer and internet skills

Internet-capable terminal (desktop, laptop, etc.) with webcam and headset or loudspeaker (VoIP)


Planning online learning experiences

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