Best fuel for your e-learning

Integration of your content

Creating e-learning experiences

We offer numerous possibilities to get the right content for you.

Use our LTI interface to integrate content from other providers, maintain your existing content, create exciting learning content with our integrated e-learning authoring tool Move, or commission our Avendoo team with content creation.

Interactive learning content brings your knowledge to life. Always the right e-learning content for your target group.

Integrated Move e-learning authoring tool


Our tool facilitates every work step for you. Create complete pages in a few minutes using the drag & drop editor and inspire your learners with interactive content.

Simply create your content yourself, or commission us to do it.

Content hub: Experience API (xAPI)

You can import existing libraries and content. The Avendoo Learning Management System supports xAPI as a standard for learning objects.

We also support SCORM as an older, international standard.

LTI Interface and our cooperations


Do you use other learning platforms? Synchronise all knowledge, learning and success levels with Avendoo.

Simply obtain ready-made learning content via LTI 1.3 from other platforms, such as Lecturio, Masterplan or mybreev.

Avendoo Juna

New all-in-one hosting from Avendoo

Powerful performance ensures that even demanding learning environments are always accessible. What’s more, there are no long waiting times. Through consistent separation of the different systems and certified security, Juna offers optimal protection for your data. Through CO2-neutral operation, Juna makes an important contribution to environmental protection. In this way, together with us, you are ensuring a better future.

Experience modern hosting — experience Juna

High speed

With Avendoo Juna, there are no limits, because you always get the traffic you need. This ensures strong performance and short loading times. Juna also automatically adjusts the hosting performance to your needs, offering efficient and at the same time environmentally friendly performance. And through the hybrid use of conventional hard disks and state-of-the-art SSDs, your hosting achieves a particularly high data throughput.

Efficient data protection

Your data is backed up twice at two locations via daily ‘geo-redundancy’ back-ups. Our data centres are also subject to 24/7 monitoring, so that any changes are immediately recognised and responded to. This also applies to your email traffic, because with Juna you get a secure environment for receiving and sending messages. Together with the security provided by an additional firewall and tested security standards, you get the best protection, certified according to DIN ISO/IEC 27001.

Environmentally neutral

With Avendoo Juna, you are not only opting for modern hosting, but also environmental protection. By operating in a CO2-neutral manner, you are helping us to set an example for sustainability. We only have one planet and it is up to each of us to preserve it for future generations. With Juna, we want to play a part in this and we are pleased that you are joining us.

With Avendoo it's easy to get the system you want

Prices and editions

Depending on the strategy you have chosen for your education and training, you can choose from different Avendoo editions that are tailored to your needs. And with different set-up packages and licence models, you can find your dream system in three easy steps:

The right edition for every requirement


E-Learning Edition


Blended Learning Edition


Black Edition

Our flexible licensing models

Ready to go with our set-up packages

Set-up packages

  • Basic installation with Juna hosting €750

    Installation of your learning world in our high-performance Juna hosting. A subdomain * and an SSL certificate for the subdomain are included.

  • Basic setup €1070

    Start as comprehensively as possible without investing a lot of your own time. – Clients (basic structure) – Basic configuration (parameterisation)

  • Automatic master data adjustment €930

    Automatic master data synchronization helps keep the user database up to date. Every day, the Avendoo® Learning World updates itself with your IT landscape, ensuring that your Learning World users are kept up-to-date.

  • Single sign-on €650

    As an additional feature, you get a single sign-on (SSO) interface. This enables your users to access the Learning World without logging in again after a one-time authentication in your IT landscape.

User interface packages

  • Small user interface €259

    The Small package includes customisation of system colours and integration of your logo.

  • Basic user interface €939

    The Basic package supplements the basic CI adjustments by integrating header images and visual adjustment of the page navigation.

  • Basic Plus user interface €2820

    Comprehensively bring your Learning World into line with your own corporate design. In addition to the basic customisations, a custom font, header images, customised menus or a personalised footer give your system a design to match your desired aesthetic.

  • Advanced user interface €16,900

    Do you have your own ideas of what your Learning World should look like and do you want to engage your learners with the system, e.g. with elaborate storytelling? In that case, our Advanced UI set-up is the right choice for you.

You can combine the set-ups listed here as you wish. For example, an Advanced system with a Basic user interface is also possible without any complications.

Avendoo App

Your Learning World goes everywhere with you

With the Avendoo App, there are no limits. Regardless of time and place, your learners have access to the Learning World and can learn entirely according to their own needs. With the app, your learners expand their knowledge when they want to: regardless of whether they are waiting for the next train or are on a long business trip. Your e-learning courses adapt to each of your learners ,saving time and motivating them.

The advantages of a mobile Learning World

Flexible learning

Modern learning requires a high degree of flexibility. With the Avendoo app, you stay flexible and provide your own mobile learning space.

More interaction

Engage your learners! Through the chat, you encourage exchange and interaction. The result: A learning community of its own can emerge.

Always up to date

The newsfeed keeps your learners up to date. The feed offers information on community news, course registrations and much more.

Editions and features

Included in Avendoo


The Starter Edition of the Avendoo app provides you with the most important basic functions of the Learning World free of charge.

Depending on the Avendoo pricing model

Community Edition

The Community Edition of the Avendoo app additionally includes all functions to use the advantages of an interactive community.

Depending on the Avendoo pricing model

Premium Edition

With the Premium Edition, you can also use all the functions of the Learning World in the Avendoo app and thus enjoy the full scope of services.

Avendoo Academy

Find out about online learning

In the Academy, you can experience our educational offer around Avendoo and online education. From Avendoo Basics to designing online learning experiences to further education programmes for online coaches.

Avendoo Move

Create content directly in the Learning World

With Avendoo Move, your Learning World has an authoring tool that allows you to create your own learning content quickly and easily. Numerous functions, interactions and intuitive drag & drop operation are just some of Move’s strengths. Easily create learning experiences that inspire with no need for additional software.