Course title

The Avendoo Basics Training

Target group

Avendoo authors
content producers
event managers
training coordinators


5 – 10 Personen


695,00 EUR

Participation fee p.p., plus VAT

Discover the Avendoo Learning World through our basic training.

The Avendoo Basics Training

During our four-week Basics training course, you will acquire basic knowledge and skills for your daily work with Avendoo. Which learning scenarios can be realised? How do I go about creating learning content? How do I register my participants for learning opportunities?

Our Avendoo Basics training takes you on a journey through the Avendoo Learning World and provides you with an overview of various possibilities for learners and authors.

The journey begins in the front end of Avendoo. You take the learner’s perspective and explore the learning space, catalogue and community. Then you switch to the backend of Avendoo and take on the author perspective. Here you will create your first course in the authoring process.

The training is held online and encourages participation through self-learning phases and constructive exchange.

Experience your Avendoo Learning World!

Learning objectives

You know the learning scenarios that can be realised with Avendoo.
You know the Avendoo areas (frontend, backend) and the associated user types (user, author).
You know the possibilities for learners in the Avendoo frontend
You know the authoring interface in the Avendoo backend
You know the different learning objects in Avendoo and understand for which purposes they can be used.
You know the steps in the authoring process for creating learning units in Avendoo and can apply them.
You are able to create an Avendoo course and share it with learners.

Course procedure

Online kick-off (1 hr.)

Joint start

Self-learning phase (approx. 2 h)

Getting to know the Avendoo frontend as a learner

Online meeting (3 hrs.)

Interim result and change to the authoring interface with exercises

Self-learning phase (approx. 6 h)

Getting to know the Avendoo backend as an author

Final workshop (3 hrs.)

Online workshops with exercises and opportunity for exchange




The three dates take place online using web meeting software (e.g. Microsoft Teams or Teamviewer) or a virtual classroom (e.g. Vitero).


Internet-capable terminal (desktop, laptop, etc.) with webcam and headset or loudspeaker (VoIP)


The Avendoo Basics Training

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