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Avendoo Community

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Sharing experiences made easy with Avendoo

In our private sphere, communities and social media are part of everyday life for us nowadays. But a shared community is also useful for learning and at work, because sharing with each other helps with understanding and solving problems and stimulates creativity. That’s why Avendoo offers your company its own platform for your users.

The social media community for your company

With the Avendoo Community, you and your users have access to an interactive news stream. The stream summarises all important information about your Learning World and enables communication with each other at any time and also on the go. For example, you can provide information about new courses or registration for events, so that your learners are always up to date. And with the Avendoo app for Android and iOS, you and your users always have the community with you on mobile devices, even when you’re on the move.

Enable creative exchange with Avendoo

Online learning is practical, because online you can train quickly and easily from home. However, especially when it comes to complex learning processes or creative work phases, it is just as important to be able to exchange ideas with other learners. Avendoo offers your company everything it needs: With the integrated social media community, you and your employees can always stay in touch and exchange information on organisational matters, questions or ideas, for example.