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Certified online coach 24-hour intensive course

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5 – 10 people


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Think digital; become an online coach and get certified by the FHM.

Certified online coach 24-hour intensive course

Role. However, with the introduction of online education processes, they are faced with new challenges. How are interesting live online trainings designed? What methods are there in the digital space to promote learning success? How can we deal with technical hurdles?

With our certified further education programme, you will receive the necessary skills for planning and implementing modern learning formats.

Think digital!
Become an online coach!

Learning objectives

You recognise the relevance of a digital mindset as a basis for working as an online coach.
You know the possibilities of online teaching/learning formats.
You know online learning methods and are able to use them in a targeted way in your concept.
You plan live online trainings and conduct them independently.
You are able to digitally support the learning process of your learners.

Course procedure

Online coach kick-off (2 days, online)

Day 1:

  • Kick-off: Digital mindset (3 hrs.)
  • Self-learning phase (3 hrs.)
  • Online coach afterwork (optional)

Day 2:

  • Methodology and didactics in an online Learning World (3 hrs.)

Online training (5 dates, online)

  • Video conferencing and troubleshooting (3 hrs.)
  • Participant engagement (3 hrs.)
  • Content and visuals (3 hrs.)
  • Difficult situations (3 hrs.)
  • Case consultation from colleagues as a dry run (3 hrs.)

Online coach certification (online)

  • Individual appointment coordination
  • Viewing the submitted concept
  • Classroom visit by experienced and trained auditors
  • Feedback discussion


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Certified online coach 24-hour intensive course

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