Self-directed learning at REWE

Self-directed learning at REWE



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REWE-Markt GmbH relies on e-learning with the Avendoo Learning World for its in-company training. As part of the company’s blended learning approach, both on-site teaching and online courses are an integral part of the training. In this way, the trainees are taught topics related to customer contact, the individual work processes and also learning for their school education.

REWE — self-directed learning

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However, the didactic possibilities that are possible with Avendoo and how these can help to improve not only your courses but also the learning processes of your trainees is shown by the “REWE — self-directed learning” course.

The focus of the course at all times is how you experience your own learning. From simple memory exercises and self-assessments to audio stories and learning videos, all learning types are addressed within the compact yet detailed course: the visuals, the listener, the speaker and the practitioner. During the course, the participants then discover for themselves which learning type suits them best. The Avendoo Learning World helps to embed the various media ideally into the course at all times and enables the seamless linking of theoretical and practical lessons.

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From the outline to the finished course with the Avendoo Learning World

One of the most important goals of the course is therefore to respond to each learner individually. The Avendoo Learning World helps your company to do this: from research and concept planning to the creation of customised content, evaluation and appropriate workshops, we take on all the important steps and work closely with the client. In this way, you receive the exact content that will help your employees to advance.

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Even making a paper aeroplane can help someone discover their learning type: firstly, the learner receives an instruction video, then implements what they have seen and afterwards assesses how much the video has helped in building their own plane. At first glance, these work steps do not have a concrete connection to actual professional activity. However, in fact, they help people learn more about their own learning.

After completing various exercises, the learner then receives an overview of which of the four learning types best suits him or her and how to optimally promote and implement this. In this way, the trainees learn more about learning itself and about themselves. All according to the approach of self-directed learning: No two learners are the same!

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Self-directed learning at REWE

Self-directed learning at REWE