Learning World designs for ROLAND Rechtsschutz

Learning World designs for ROLAND Rechtsschutz



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Founded in Cologne in 1957, ROLAND Rechtsschutz-Versicherungs-AG has been around for more than 60 years. Nowadays, the joint-stock company is part of the ROLAND Group, which also includes other companies from the insurance sector, and is not only active in Germany but also in Austria and Italy. In Germany, the insurance company has offices in Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin and Wiesbaden, to name but a few, and is one of the three leading legal expenses insurers in Germany.

Immerse yourself in history

The project

The joint project involving ROLAND Rechtsschutz and Avendoo is all about the Middle Ages. For not only does a knight adorn the blue and white coat of arms for the ROLAND Group. The insurance company’s founding building is also called the “ROLAND Castle”. Moreover, the insurer stands for protecting its customers just as the castle and shield stand for protection and security. That’s why the Avendoo Learning World also takes the employees of ROLAND Rechtsschutz on a medieval journey. Individual learning paths and training plans were designed for the insurer’s training courses within the framework of this storytelling, which we present to you here. Join us and accompany Knight ROLAND on his journey!

Individual training plans in a medieval setting

The journey of Knight ROLAND

ROLAND Rechtsschutz trainees accompany Knight ROLAND on his journey through a medieval world. At the same time, you will experience your own medieval Learning World. This is because the knight travels from castle to castle just as the learners travel interactively from lesson to lesson on your training plan. The different castles in the individually designed training plan show the respective status of the lesson. For example, if the learning path for the lesson can be started, the castle gate is open. If a lesson has not been passed, a thunderstorm passes over the castle. And if the learning path has been successfully completed, it is adorned with a golden trophy. Through visualisation and gamification elements, learners see directly what still needs to be done.

Implemented down to the last detail

Creative elements for a successful learning culture

When the learners enter one of the castles on the training plan together with Knight ROLAND, the respective lesson is shown as a learning path. Our media designers have designed this as a medieval arena in which our knight has to face various challenges. Thanks to the versatile functions of the Avendoo Learning World, the e-learning authors from ROLAND Rechtsschutz can design these learning paths in a varied way: from simple knowledge tests to WBTs to feedback questions and much more, didactic diversity is ensured. And with Avendoo’s Learning Content Management System, both media and learning content can be organised, quickly updated and reused.

Overcoming hurdles

Unique learning paths for learners

In order for insurance learners to be fully immersed in e-learning, the medieval world has been implemented down to the last detail. In this way, the various elements of the learning path are given special counterparts from this setting. For example: in e-learning, learners should only be allowed to progress to the next lesson in the learning path if they have already completed another lesson and have received a certificate. If this is the case, a herald with a certificate and horn in his hand indicates that the participant has been successful and may continue.

 ROLAND authors can also set hurdles for their learners, where they first have to solve a task, for example. Or the learners can only continue at a certain point due to a time barrier.  In this way, insurance learners experience varied content in a unique setting.

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Creating learning experiences with creative ideas

In close cooperation with our client ROLAND Rechtsschutz, the Avendoo team has created a very special Learning World. This does not simply impose learning content on learners. It creates its own story and atmosphere through design, its own protagonist and gamification. This not only fits ideally with the client’s corporate identity, but also ensures motivation and fun while learning.

Do you also have an idea for designing your learning content? Or do you want to rely on our expertise and develop something completely new together with us? Then do not hesitate and contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Learning World designs for ROLAND Rechtsschutz

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