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Educational strategies

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Strategic skills development with the Learning Canvas

Educational strategies

The transformation from an industrial society to a digital knowledge society is in full swing. Profound changes can already be seen and experienced. Digitalisation and artificial intelligence will radically change work processes.

The accompanying change requires a new way of thinking with regard to qualifications and skills development of all employees in organisations. The development and adaptation of framework models for corporate skills or education management is an important task for an organisation and its employees.

The central question is: How can we make our organisation fit for the future and what skills do we need for this?

The service supports you in developing your continuing education strategy and provides you with four steps (1. Introduction, 2. Analysis, 3. Learning Canvas, 4. online consultation) the necessary overview.

Learning objectives

You know the importance of qualification in relation to global megatrends.
You reflect on the challenges in relation to your organisation.
You are familiar with the Learning Canvas as a tool for strategic skills development.
You develop an overview for a qualification concept in your company with the help of the Learning Canvas.
You reflect on your results in an online meeting with an expert in education strategy and online learning.

Course procedure


online, 1,5 Stunden

Introduction: Learn about the four global megatrends and relate them to the situation in your organisation.


online, 1,5 Std.

Analysis: What are the challenges of the world of work and what are the consequences for your organisation?

Learning Canvas

online, 1 Std.

Learning Canvas: Get to know the tool for strategic skills development and develop a Learning Canvas for your organisation.

Online consultation

online, 2 Std.

Your one-to-one meeting with our education strategy expert.


online, 2 Std.

In the final online meeting, we take a look at the results and recommendations for action from our education strategy expert. Together we set the next steps.


You can start at any time.

The appointment for the online consultation is customer-specific and by appointment.



The meeting as part of this service takes place online with the help of web meeting software (e.g. Zoom).


Internet-capable terminal (desktop, laptop, etc.) with webcam and headset or loudspeaker (VoIP)

Gesamtdauer: ca. 8 Std.

Zeitraum: 2-3 Wochen



Educational strategies